Three Great Ideas for Your Photo Booth Rental Pics

Well, well, you’ve done your research and found a reputable photo booth rental service for your event, and it’s time to think about the photos. Most people assume that it’s so easy to pose not realizing how difficult it can be for others. You could be one of those who encounter the most difficulty when it comes to posing for pictures. The best way to describe you would be, “camera shy.”

One of the things you’ll need to do after hiring a photo booth is choosing curtains and backdrops from the wide range of options available. It’s important to choose the right option that matches your event’s overall aesthetics. Let’s come back to photos. Before you walk into the photo booth with your guests, be sure to follow the following fun ideas for poses. If you think you don’t have any problem with poses, you better read them and help a friend who could be “camera shy.”


Before you go ahead and kiss someone make sure the person has permitted you to do so. A kiss on the forehead can do for your loved ones. When it comes to friends, kissing on the cheek is highly recommended. However, if your partner is present going for an utterly romantic kiss would be fine. Always remember to ask for permission before giving someone a smooch for the camera. Whether you kiss them on the forehead, lips or cheek, it’s sure to create an exciting and memorable sweet shot!


Not everyone loves dancing. That doesn’t mean that you cannot take a dance pose for a photo. Whether you’re naturally rigid or you’re one of those people who are flexible and love dancing, picking any dance style you know would create a memorable pose as the photographer take the photo. Involve a couple of your friends and let each take his or her own style. You may as well decide to take the same dance pose as the camera goes off.

Hand Gestures

When it comes to hand gestures, everyone has their own style. You cannot fail on this one. As a matter of fact, this should be the best pose to fall back on as you pair it up with any facial expression. With your family, friends, and guests, take a common gesture and a normal facial expression behind the camera. You can be sure to get the funniest photos ever. You can use different gestures for everyone in the group as well. What else would you expect than amplified fun moments for everyone?

Photo Bombing

If you’ve been watching comedy movies or you just love pranksters, this could be the time to put into practice what you’ve been seeing. Make the most out of your photo booth rental by pulling every prank you have in mind. As everyone pose is posing in the photo booth waiting for the camera to go off, go ahead and pull back the curtain or pull that chair before joining them at the last second. Of course, not everyone will be amused, but it will be part of the fun. You’re just trying to create unforgettable memories.